Our Story

About BNJ

At BNJ we are committed to helping the community in the Baltimore area fighting the epidemic of Addiction. Founded in 2010, BNJ Health Services started with an ambitious counselor, who wanted to give more to those on the program. To provide not only quality care but a lasting impression on the patients, their family and the surrounding communities.

We want to help the families that are dealing with Mental, Social and Psychological consequences of substance abuse. Our goal and passion is to be a vital tool in helping the patients restore normalcy in their lives. Having our IOP as a new addition, we are more dedicated to Intensive Outpatient Therapy where we believe is a vital part of the process of "Recovery".

Our first location opened in 2010 in Glen Burnie, MD. We are glad to say that we have expanded additional locations in Baltimore, Easton, and Salisbury. Each of our clinics has their own individual characteristics that makes them unique, but one thing they all have in common is the yearn to give a helping hand to all.


"I've been coming here for close to ten years. There are several shining stars in this place."


"BNJ Health Services at first glance may seem like it is a "hole in the wall" type of place. However, I can say that they are a great facility and the main thing I can say is they LISTEN to their patients. They don't just look at a chart and go make a decision without including you or the team. They work together very well and communicate effectively between the nurses, doctor, counselors, patients, and directors. The director(s) at BNJ services handle situations very well and you will always be in good hands."


"One of the most holistic and humanistic places I have visited. Staff is genuinely interested in your welfare, and the owner herself, is a former Addictions Counselor... Other programs are focused on retention or numbers. This clinic is focused on your healing and empowerment. Folks that complain are more concerned about how to twist the program to their liking. This program works on getting you focused on yourself."