Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Let’s think about the first step......When searching for intensive outpatient treatment in Maryland, call providers and ask questions. Do not just decide that the first number you call is the best place to go for IOP addiction treatment. Ask them about their programs. Ask what happens on a daily basis and what type of schedule you or your loved one can expect. Ask them about their clinical philosophy on the disease of addiction. How do they treat it? Ask about what type of approach is taken during treatment? 

Next, We can them talk about our Comprehensive approach with our IOP programs in the state of Maryland must perform at least 9 hours of treatment to qualify as an intensive outpatient treatment program. However, that 9 hours is the minimum, so make sure to find out how comprehensive the program is as a whole. Does it offer both group therapy and individual therapy? This is vitally important because different issues are discussed in each and having a therapeutic trust that occurs during individual therapy sessions in IOP will help support and facilitate the necessary process of recovery.

Ask about the BNJ IOP Family Program. Everyone’s situation is different. Sometimes the addiction disease affects the entire family, therefore the treatment program should be helping to treat the entire family unit and not just the addict or alcoholic. That is why we are working on a wraparound program to include family members in the treatment process. Families need help and guidance in creating healthy boundaries with the client in need and it is the role of the intensive outpatient treatment provider to aid the family in doing so.